We are introducing first time in Canada Odroid-C1 board which is a good competition of Raspberry pi B+, but time will decide, when C1 board will be used by different projects and many other applications will be thrown on this...

Raspberry Pi GPIO info Sheet

One of the most asked question is information about Raspberry Pi GPIO. Please find the following picture developed to make it clear. Note that this information is based on Model B. This is not something we developed which is new...

Configure Open VPN on pfSense® Box

Hardware Required: Ready System with pfSense® software   Follow step by step and some information in my instructions might be slightly different than your already configured pfSense® system so my advice is to focus on the concept as well. Login to pfSense® box Go...

Wifi for Raspberry Pi

Today I will introduce one of our product which is PIRTWIFI a USB Wifi for Raspberry pi. This wifi is based on Ralink RT5370 chipset which is in HCL of Raspberry pi. Here are some simple steps which will help...